Space3 API In-game Missions Integration Guide

  1. Introduction

- This API missions system is designed for Space3 to get verification responses from game partners to verify their in-game missions on Space3 via inputting users’ information of Space3 User ID, email, EVM wallet address, Twitter ID and Discord ID.

- By implementing this initiative, games can proactively customize their API and endpoints to host diverse in-game missions seamlessly.

API integration process:

- Preparation of API endpoint and response based on Space3’s standard format

- Submit the API endpoint and response to the Space3 development team

- API in-game missions will be organized and tested by the Space3 team before launching officially

  1. Space3’s standard API endpoint format:

2.1. Method: GET

Header (Optional):

- HTTP request headers are relevant to the request method (GET) and may be specified on the method request but are not required.

- The game can set custom headers for individual requests that will be used to call the game's API endpoint. Suppose the game's API endpoint needs security to access. The game can add authentication or x-api-key or any key parameters in the header and it will be used to call your API for security.

2.2. Standard format:

“Your API URL”?uid={uid}&email={email}&wallet={wallet}&twitterId={twitterId}&discordId={discordId}


  • Twitter ID: You can remove the &twitterId={twitterId} parameter or any other fields from the verification process if you don't need it. Most games only use email and wallet for verification.

  • Email: If your system uses "mail" instead of "email" for email addresses, please change the parameter in the endpoint URL from &email={email} to &mail={email}.

  • API Header: The API header is optional. You can choose to make your API endpoint public or add an API key to make it more secure. We support both options.

2.3. Sample API endpoint from the game:{uid}&email={email}&wallet={wallet}&twitterId={twitterId}&discordId={discordId}

2.4. Sample Space3 verification request:

curl -L -X GET ''

2.5. Sample Space3 verification request with custom headers for individual requests:

Example 1:

curl -L -X GET '' \
-H 'Accept-Encoding: *' \
-H 'x-partner-key: felfmlkkjakljdls73f4b3fdsfdscsdc' \

Example 2:

curl -L -X GET '' \
-H 'X-API-KEY: felfmlkkjakljdls73f4b3fdsfdscfdsfsdfs' \

  1. Space3’s standard response format:

3.1. Success:

Status code: 200

    "success": true

3.2. Failed:

Status code: 200

    "success": false

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